Use this IP & PORT for All Tweak on Opera! IP: PORT: 8080 Cheats HTTP Proxy: Socket: socket:// Host: OR For Opera 4.2 & 5.0 HTTP Proxy: Host: OR For Opera 6.0 and Others HTTP Proxy: Socket: socket:// Host: OR HTTP Proxy: Socket : socket:// Host: OR FOR S40, S60 and Others! HTTP or Secondary Server: Socket or Primary Server: socket:// Host: BOLT FrontQuery: Host: OR HOT BOLT TWEAK HTTP or Custom Server: http:// Socket: socket:// Host: OR OR OR UCWEB USERS FOR 7.5 & 7.6 It Browse and Download Wella! FrontQuery: OR Host: OR OR HTTP Proxy: Socket: socket:// Host: EBUDDY FrontQuery: Host: SNAPTU & NIMBUZZ HTTP proxy: FrontQuery: Host: AED FrontQuery: Host: or FrontQuery: Host: SHMESSENGER FLEXING BONAZA! FrontQuery: = Mark Remove Port Proxy Type: HOST Proxy Server: or FREEDOM WITH MTN ON PC fredom wrks wit mtn adres use ems09.your-, tweak mtn nigeria, use post then d port wil be 80 unmark 1,2,3 and the 5 box and mark the rest boxes.leave evry orda as it is then ur are gud 2 go..........

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