MTN STILL BLAZING globalbypass/nph- proxy.cgi/0a/http/ host- DOWNLOADING ON ALL OPERA WIF MTN DFAULT CHEEXY ON MTN create accesspoint with IP: PORT : 80 APN: Now proceed to ur CheeXy OPTION>>SETTINGS>>CONNECTION change ur 'listen to port' to 80 change ur 'http proxy host' to change ur 'http proxy port' to 8080 scroll down and change ur buffer size to 500kb SAVE NOW FOR HTTP HEADER i.e SETTINGS>>HTTP HEADER Go to d last line and type hdr_host = '' SAVE IT now , exit ur cheeXy and relaunch it THEN, U R GOOD TO GO CRUXIFIRE ON MTN Creat an access point Connecetion name Cruxifire Apn Ip Port 7777 or 123 Save connecetion Open cruxifire Press Options And Goto Http headers Then type this hdr_host = '' (More advicable 2 copy and paste) Save and Go back Press options again Click on setup cruxifire Http Proxy Host Http Proxy port 8080 Trick save and Go back Then exit and Open Cruxifire again When it prompts for access point choose cruxifire Minimize and open ur application And start browsing... Tested on OPERA 6.1 JAR

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